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Long standing Vision Correction with Laser Eye Surgery

Long standing Vision Correction with Laser Eye Surgery

30 Dec 2019

Laser eye surgery proves effective in fixing your vision problems among millions of people around the globe. A large number of these patients have achieved 20/20 vision and can easily carry out everyday tasks without contact lenses and glasses. Although a tiny fraction of the patients suffer complications, most of the complications can be settled easily after the surgery. In terms of figures, only 2% to 4% of cases suffer complications after their treatment.

This is the reason NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) has considered laser eye surgeries to be safe and efficient. Moreover, this treatment even is offered in few NHS hospitals.

It is absolutely natural for anyone to be at least a little annoyed before surgery and laser eye surgeries are no exception. But when you weigh the pros against the cons, you’ll find that there is nothing to be worried about.

Gift of a new life

One of the best reasons to get the surgery done is it’s gift of freedom from any visual aids. People wearing glasses and contact lenses for years may not realise how much relief it is when life becomes free from those gadgets, says an expert doctor renowned for laser eye surgery in London. After the laser surgery you won’t have to:

  • Reach for your glasses or contact lenses after waking up.
  • Search for your misplaced glasses.
  • Remember cleaning your contact lens.

The facts discussed above may seem too simple and trivial but they have a massive impact on your daily life.

Living free from visual aids also proves unbelievably helpful if you are in sports and enjoy an active lifestyle. Glasses and contact lenses do not prove helpful at all while running, swimming or any other water and physical sports. Laser eye surgeries help with the permanent correction of your vision. Thus, you can take part in various sporting activities or events without worrying about breaking your glasses or losing a contact lens.

Longstanding vision correction also eliminates the need for buying specialist equipment like prescription goggles. It also helps to reduce dry eyes from air conditioning in aeroplanes.see better in swimming pool. There is no more need to remember packing a sufficient number of contact lenses for the days you’re travelling.

No more recurring overhead

Your eyesight will keep changing throughout your lifetime mostly because of the natural ageing process. Laser eye surgery helps in saving your hard-earned money on your ophthalmic or eyesight-related prescriptions down the timeline. The surgery ensures that you will not need to wear glasses or contact lenses and so there’s no need to buy any new ones. In other words, your laser eye surgery cost automatically pays for itself in the course of time.

Comfort level

These days, many people buy their glasses and contact lenses online without visiting their eye doctors. Thus, they suffer from headaches and other discomfort resulting from wearing wrong visual aids.Vision correction through laser eye surgery relieves you from all these hassles.
When you wear glasses or lenses for an extended length of time, you are likely to experience discomfort. Contact lenses in particular lead to redness and dry itchy eyes before leading to dry eye syndrome or even infection with its risk to permanently damage your eyes. Glasses feel heavy on the bridge of the nose. They also leave an unsightly dent on the affected area. 
Moreover, your area of vision gets limited when you choose small, stylish frames.

More benefits of laser eye surgeries

  • Boosted self-confidence level.
  • Greater chances of improved sports performance.
  • No more problems like glasses falling or contact lenses drying out.
  • Much improved all-round vision – over 99% of laser eye surgery patients at Optimal Vision achieve 20:20 vision.
  • No more suffering from irritation resulting from contact lenses or steamed up spectacle lenses.

Compared to routine eye exams and lifelong replacement of glasses and contact lenses, laser eye surgery costs you much less in the long run.

In the above sections, we have discussed only a few of the benefits of laser eye surgery. There are much more than that which we have not covered. Patients undergoing the surgery get amazed by how fast their eyesight improves following the clinical procedure. Improving your vision can open many doors to better opportunities.

The majority of people are found to take up new hobbies or sports after laser eye surgery. The surgery proves effective for every major eyesight problem including the following:

  • Long sight or hyperopia.
  • Short sight.
  • Age-related vision problem or presbyopia.

Each of the eye conditions mentioned above can be corrected through a laser treatment. The problem of hyperopia or long sight is corrected through enhancing curvature of the surface of your eyes called corneal. Short-sightedness is corrected by reducing the curvature of the cornea. This enables you to see an object, which is far away. 

At Optimal Vision, we possess an excellent track record in handling these cases. Our expert doctors provide extensive guidance on laser eye surgery aftercare to make sure you enjoy a new life with a new vision. We are centrally located at Harley Street in Marylebone, London. For more information or to book your appointment visit here:

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