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Reading Vision Correction

Reading vision correction are surgical procedures used to correct presbyopia (reading vision problems). This eye condition affects alot of people, but a qualified eye surgeon can easily fix it.

Treating presbyopia

Your doctor may suggest you undergo laser eye surgery to correct your reading vision problems. There are different types of laser surgical procedures, but LASIK eye surgery is commonly used to correct short or long-sightedness. The surgery works by carving and changing the shape of the cornea to enable it to focus light correctly on the retina. This allows the patient to see clearly.

In presbyopia, if the surgeon corrects the distance vision of both eyes, seeing things that are close becomes a problem. An experienced surgeon like those at our clinic will adjust the dominant eye to accommodate distant objects and adjust the non-dominant eye to enable near vision and reading.

Blended vision lets most people see clearly without the need for glasses. The procedure can reverse if the eye that focuses on close objects corrects to have a perfect vision.

You can also get a Presbymax laser vision correction. This is an advanced multifocal laser treatment available on Schwind Amaris laser.

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What is involved in Presbymax laser vision correction?

Presbymax is available on the Schwind Amaris 1050RS laser platform, and it is complex laser eye surgery which helps to increase the extent a dominant eye focuses by adjusting the eye's optics. The extended focusing allows the eye to have a smooth transition between close and far objects, giving a better range of focus.

Some patients may not be suitable for Presbymax laser vision correction. The surgeon will carry out a thorough examination of the eye and discuss the possible risks before you can undergo this procedure.

Refractive lens exchange

This procedure is also called permanent lens replacement. The surgery is similar to cataract surgery, but this helps correct distance and near sight.

During the procedure, our surgeon will remove the natural lens and replace it with a customised one that corrects distant and near sight. Our surgeons combine RLE and laser refinement treatment to give you a perfect vision. They also fix vision problems with trifocal lenses and lenses with extended depth of focus.

Our surgeons carry out precise RLE surgery for correction of the lens using Zeimer Z8 femtosecond laser, and they perform lens alignment with Zeiss Lumera Callisto assisted microscope system combined with Haag-Streit Lenstar Hill-RBF artificial intelligence.

Choosing a treatment procedure

You and your surgeon would discuss the best treatment option suitable for you in terms of age, visual needs and lifestyle.

If you are under 45, the surgeon may suggest the Presbymax treatment and laser blended vision, and if you are above 45 years, the surgeon may recommend refractive lens exchange (RLE). Before any procedure, the surgeon will take your health history then examine your eye to check if you will be suitable for the treatment.

Cost of reading vision correction

Below are the average costs of our treatment options. The cost below is inclusive of bilateral treatment, all follow up appointments, all post operative eye drops related to your treatment as well as any enhancement procedure (if required) for up to one year.


Average cost


£4000, or £291 paid over 12 months interest free finance

Laser Blended Vision

(for reading vision correction)

£4500 or £333 paid over 12 months interest free finance

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) with Multifocal Lenses

Between £5600-£6400 depending on lens type and surgery technique

Payment options

You may decide to opt for our 0% interest finance payment plan which makes treatment affordable by spreading the payment over 12 months. You may have to make a £500 deposit and choose the number of months to pay for your treatment.

Get your affordable reading vision correction at Optimal Vision today.

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