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Lasek Eye Surgery Lasek Eye Surgery

LASEK Eye Surgery

LASEK eye surgery is an excellent alternative to LASIK for patients whose corneas are thinner. LASEK eye surgery has a longer recovery time, and this makes it less common than LASIK. However, in some cases, LASEK eye surgery is usually the best treatment option for the eyes.

What Is Involved In LASEK Eye Surgery?

Usually, we see when the eyes allows light to pass through the cornea (this is the front portion of the eyes) and creates an image when the light focuses on the retina and the optic nerve sends information for the brain to interpret.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses to see things clearly, it means that your eyeballs are either too short or long. People with longer eyeballs usually experience myopia or short-sightedness while those with short eyeballs usually experience hyperopia or long-sightedness.

To correct this, you may need LASEK eye surgery which helps to accurately and precisely reshape the cornea to let it focus light directly on the retina.

In LASEK eye surgery, a surface laser eye treatment, the surgeon directly applies wavefront-guided treatment to the surface of the eyes. This does not require the surgeon to create a flap in the cornea, which is an essential step in LASIK eye surgery.

Sometimes, people refer to LASEK as an advanced surface ablation because the flap creation step is skipped, and the surgeon uses a laser to make a tiny cut and peel the surface tissues on the eye (epithelium) while keeping the epithelium intact during the procedure.

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Who Can Get LASEK Eye Surgery?

People who have thin corneas and require preservation of the eye tissue can get LASEK eye surgery. People who engage full or part time in martial arts or any extreme sports may be better candidates for LASEK eye surgery because the procedure does not require the surgeon to make a flap. Military or police personnel may also opt for this procedure because there is no flap which may be affected if the face receives a blow.

What Risks Are Involved In LASEK Eye Surgery?

Serious complications following LASEK surgery rarely occurs. The same applies to other surface techniques that require laser such as LASIK. LASEK eye surgery is painless, and like LASIK eye surgery, some patients experience reduced night vision, dry eye and glare, which is usually temporary.

Procedure For LASEK Eye Surgery

  • Consultation
    Our consultants will explain the process step-by-step and the complications that may arise. This helps you make an informed decision as you can weigh both the benefits and risks of the procedure.
  • Procedure
    The surgeon will directly apply the wavefront-guided treatment to the eye surface without creating a flap in the corneas as is essential in LASIK.
  • Aftercare
    After the surgery, the surgeon will place a bandage contact lens to protect the eye surface for about a week following the surgery. You may need to take about five days off your regular activities and work, and the eyes may feel grittier and more sensitive.
  • Recovery
    Regaining sight after LASEK eye surgery is slow compared to LASIK eye surgery recovery although both surgeries offer excellent vision when the eyes finally heal. It may take about 1 – 2 weeks for you to regain driving vision, and your vision will keep improving over several weeks following your treatment.
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What makes us unique?

  • Tailor-made treatment
    We take what we do seriously to ensure that our patients receive adequate care. We do not offer a general treatment plan because every patient has their specific needs. We consider each patient's visual condition and customise a treatment plan suitable for them.
  • Healthcare professionals
    We have expert surgeons known worldwide for their expertise in ophthalmic surgeries such as LASEK eye surgery. Our surgeons, with the help of our anaesthetists and other healthcare assistants, have successfully performed several surgeries.
    Many of our patients are from family and friends who referred us to them because we pride ourselves in providing excellent services with the help of our qualified staff.
  • Sophisticated technology
    Eye surgeries are serious surgeries that require accuracy and precision, so we have invested a lot in getting the most advanced and latest surgical technology. We are not affiliated with a particular company and are free to choose only the best technology options available.

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