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Retinal Costs


LASIK Eye Surgery £2600FIXED PRICE FOR BOTH EYES* USUALLY £4500 Lens Replacement Surgery with Premium Lenses £5800FIXED PRICE FOR BOTH EYES** USUALLY £7500
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Transparent Pricing for Your Clarity: Retinal Disorder Treatments at Optimal Vision

No Hidden Charges, No Pressure, Affordable

At Optimal Vision, we believe in providing clear vision without any hidden costs or surprises. The cost of Retinal Disorder Treatment is tailored to the specific treatment you undergo and tailored to your individual requirements. Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our single, all-inclusive offer.

How much does Retinal Disorder Treatment Cost?

The cost for retinal disorder treatments in UK depends on several factors such as the type of treatment advised and your visual requirement and expectation. Our professional team at Optimal Vision will take you through extensive screening and tests for your eye condition to recommend the best treatment option.

Different Retinal Disorder Treatment Options:

ERM Peeling Or Macula Hole Vitrectomy Vitrectomy with Cataract Intra Vitreal Injection PRP Laser
Initial consultation with specialist* Initial consultation with specialist* Initial consultation with specialist* Initial consultation with specialist* Initial consultation with specialist*
Free 3 Months after care Free 3 Months after care Free 3 Months after care Free 3 Months after care Free 3 Months after care
Hospital Fee Included Hospital Fee Included Hospital Fee Included Theatre Fee Included Clinic Fee Included
Anesthetist Fee included Anesthetist Fee included Anesthetist Fee included Retina Scans Included Retina Scans Included
From £7000 per eye From £6000 per eye From £7000 per eye From £800 per eye From £1200 per eye
Finance from: £300** per month/per eye Finance from: £280** per month/per eye Finance from: £300** per month/per eye Finance from: £100 per month/per eye Finance from: £100 per month/per eye

* Flat fee of £190 applies which includes all required scans and investigations worth £550, this fee will be credited towards your total treatment fee if booked.
** based on two years finance instalments

What's Included in Our All-Inclusive Offer?

Why choose us for retinal treatment?

  • Our surgeons have been performing eye surgery for our patients for over a decade.
  • We offer quality service in clinical care and optical solutions for all patients.
  • We give our clinicians complete access to advanced technologies for best eye care.
  • Our doctors are committed to delivering the best outcome for our patients.
  • We provide clinical expertise, exceptional surgical results and complete aftercare.
Why choose us for eye surgery

Comparison Between Retinal Disorder Treatment Providers

Comparison Optimal Vision High Street Laser Providers Hospital Chains
Free Consultation Consultant led Led by marketing Fee applies
Aftercare Team Consultant led Various with no consistency Consultant led
Duration of Aftercare Free Consultation Few months - until discharged Few months - until discharged
Fixed, Transparent Pricing X X
Consultant Led X
Medication and Eye Drops 12 Months 3 Months free or until discharged X
Excellent Trust Pilot Rating X Average
*** interest free credits 12 Months X Variable
Meet Your Surgeon Your surgeon directly involve with your treatment and aftercare Day of surgery only with minimal interaction Partially - dependent on hospital

***Not applicable to other promotion

Epi retinal membrane (ERM) Peeling

ERM peeling is a specialised surgical technique requiring precision and expertise. While the procedure has shown success in improving visual outcomes for many patients, the results can vary, and it's important for individuals considering this surgery to consult with an experienced ophthalmologist to assess the potential benefits and risks based on their specific case.


This procedure is commonly employed in the treatment of conditions such as retinal detachment, macular hole, diabetic retinopathy, and epi retinal membrane. By removing the vitreous, any traction on the retina can be relieved, and repairs or treatments can be performed more effectively. Vitrectomy is typically performed under local or general anaesthesia and is considered a safe and effective surgical intervention for restoring or preserving vision in individuals with various vitreoretinal disorders.

Intra Vitreal Injection

The goal of intra vitreal injections is to target the medication precisely to the affected area within the eye, providing a concentrated and direct therapeutic effect while minimising systemic side effects. Regular follow-up appointments are often required to monitor the patient's response to treatment and determine the need for additional injections.

Pan Retina Photocoagulation (PRP) Laser

By treating a wide area of the peripheral retina, the procedure aims to halt the progression of abnormal vessel growth and reduce the risk of complications, such as vitreous haemorrhage and retinal detachment.

While the procedure can be effective in preserving vision and preventing complications, it may have associated side effects, and its benefits and risks should be carefully considered in consultation with a qualified eye care professional.

Cost of Medication and Aftercare

Retinal disorder treatment costs in London, UK includes your aftercare appointments in the first 3 months and all medications related to your surgery.

Hospital fees and Anesthetist fee are also included in our total cost to give you a straight forward estimation with no hidden costs

Dr Amir Mani - Specialist refractive surgeon

One of the most experienced refractive surgeons in London

Dr Mani has performed more than 20,000 ophthalmic procedures, including LASIK, LASEK, PRK, Femto Cataract, RLE, Lens ICL and Phakic IOL Surgery

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