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Many sources of eye problems or vision loss are preventable if caught early, regular eye health check ups are the best way forward.

Our dedicated team of professionals provides each and every patient with personalised and compassionate care at every stage. We employ a full range of state-of-the-art technology, including advanced scans, lasers, novel imaging devices for all parts of your eyes, minimally invasive and advanced surgical techniques, enabling us to develop individualised treatment plans.

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  • 11 Macula
  • 12 Age Related Macula Degeneration
  • 13 Retina Detachment
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Retinal problems

What Is The Retina?

The retina is a thin layer of nerve cells located at the back of the eye.

A healthy retina is essential for good vision.

When light enters the cornea and lens, retinal photoreceptor cells convert it into electrical impulses.

The optic nerve sends these impulses to the brain.

These impulses are then converted into images and visual perceptions.

How Does the Retina System Work?

The retina is made up of several important parts. A disease or problem in any of these areas can cause vision loss:

  • Macula - allows us to see detailed images clearly.
  • Fovea - an area in the centre part of the macula that affects visual clarity.
  • Peripheral Retina - enables side and night vision.
  • Photoreceptors - cells that convert light into impulses sent to the brain.

Rods give us night vision, and cones enable our color vision.

Diabetic eye disease screening, Diabetes and your eyes


Glaucoma screening and treatment

Glaucoma treatment with laser, laser treatments for glaucoma instead of a continuous use of eye drops.

Keratoconous and Collagen Cross Linking (CCL)

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