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Dry Eye And Blepharitis Treatment Dry Eye And Blepharitis Treatment
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Dry Eye And Blepharitis Treatment

Do your eyes feel uncomfortable? Do they itch regularly? If your answer is yes to either of the questions mentioned, then you could be suffering from dry eyes.

Are the edges around your eyelids inflamed? Do they feel crusty, itchy or uncomfortable? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, then you could be suffering with blepharitis.

These problems are not incurable. There are treatment options that work for each of them.

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Treatment For Dry Eye

Dry eye is caused by abnormal blood vessels under the eye surface. It is these blood vessels that are responsible for delivering inflammatory markers to the eye while altering the normal functions of the meibomian glands. Usually, these glands secrete an oily fluid that lubricates the eyes and prevents tears from evaporating. It is the dysfunction or blocking of these glands that prevent the secretion from being released, causing the glands to die out and the eyes to dry out.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is the treatment for dry eye. It targets the root cause of the inflammation to the eye and glands by applying light at a specific wavelength to the surface of the skin around the eyes to destroy the abnormal blood vessels underneath. If the glands have become blocked as a result of the oily fluid being thicker, the heat from the treatment will also warm the glands and loosen up the clogged oils. Afterwards, the blockage of the glands is further released through manual expression, thereby increasing the function of the glands.

Treatment For Blepharitis

The inflammation associated with blepharitis is caused by the buildup of bacteria and debris on the eyelashes. BlephEx is a very effective treatment for blepharitis. This will be concluded after consultation with us. BlephEx treatment can be used alone, and still achieve the same result, or it can be combined with other effective treatment forms. However, it is more effective than the use of eye scrubs alone.

During BlephEx treatment, a soft, medical-grade, micro-sponge is spun along the edge of each eyelid through a handpiece. This process gently unblocks the oil glands, making it clear and comfortable. Do not worry; it is not a painful procedure.

Usually, the benefits and relief of the BlephEx treatment are felt almost immediately. When combined with treatment for dry eye, the benefits are felt significantly. Although it is ideal for you to get the treatment twice a year, however, you can conclude and arrange the best treatment plan that suits you.

Cost Of Dry Eye And Blepharitis Treatment

Treatment For Dry Eye

The breakdown of the cost of treatment for dry eye from consultation to follow up is as follows:

Consultation: £150

Ipl Treatment Package: £1000 for eyes only. You can split it into four sessions at £250 per session. Or you can pay £1400if the treatment is for the whole face. It can also be divided into four sessions at £350 per session.

Pay As You Go Sessions: £275 per session for eye treatment only, or £375 per session for treatment including the face.

Follow Up Treatment: £100. This would usually include lubricating drops.

Treatment For Blepharitis: £100 per treatment or session.

Why You Should Get Your Dry Eye And Blepharitis Treatment From Us

Getting your dry eye treatment or blepharitis treatment from us would be the best decision you can make for the following reasons:

Customised Treatment

When you decide to get your treatment from us, we will ensure that you are catered for as you should be. We do not operate a generalised treatment. Your treatment will be specific and bespoke to your health needs. This will give you the chance to get the very best from us.

Healthcare Professionals

We have a medical team packed with experts in the medical and professional field. All our surgeons, consultants and specialists have years of experience to deal with any kind of health problems. Even after treatment, we still conduct follow-up services to be sure your treatment is going as planned. Getting treated by us will guarantee you a medical service of the highest quality.

Advanced Technology

During treatment, we spare no expense in acquiring all the technology and equipment we will use that will guarantee the best medical service. We pay attention to the lives and well being of our patients, and we do all we can to ensure they receive the best medical care they need.

Finance Options

We offer flexible finance options that will help you span out your treatment for a time. Get in touch with us to find out more about our flexible finance options.

At Optimal Vision, the health and medical needs of our patients is our top priority.

Reach out to us today to book an appointment.

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