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Cataract Surgery Costs

At Optimal Vision, we have created a simple price list for cataract surgery for our patients. We charge a fixed price per eye for the treatment with no hidden fees and no marketing push. Our team will help you go through your assessment and your best options. You may consult with your eye surgeon to find out which procedure will be best for you.

Cost of Cataract Surgery in the UK

The cost of cataract surgery in the UK does differ although the average cost for each eye is usually between £3000 to £4000. This depends on the type of surgery and the type of lens that is used for your eye during the surgery however, with our special promotion you can take advantage of competitive prices despite the high quality and advanced technology at our clinic.

Our experienced vision correction surgeons will finalise the total, all inclusive cost after checking your eye condition, your current prescription and the type of lens you will both decide on together based on your expectations.

A patient with a higher prescription will usually pay more than someone with a lower prescription. Another factor is the type of lens implant that is selected for the procedure. Typically Monofocal lenses are less expensive when compared to Multifocal lenses.

Monofocal lens implants are of excellent quality and will improve the clarity of your distance vision as well as your colour and night vision perception. However, you will still need glasses for reading.

At Optimal Vision, we believe that eye care treatment should be accessible to all patients. We offer an extensive range of financing to help you pay your fees hassle-free.

Our Different Financing Options for Cataract Surgery

We offer different payment plans to help you with cataract surgery costs which include finance plans for a period of 6, 10, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months. Make sure you consult with any of our team to know which financing option is best suited for your treatment.

Is Cataract affecting your vision?

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Paying Monthly for Cataract Surgery?

You can opt for a finance plan with your preferred eye care surgeon and pay for the cataract surgery in monthly instalments. This will differ based on how much you pay initially.

Most clinics typically ask for a deposit between £500 - £1000 to confirm the booking and to be able to preserve the operation slot and order required consumables. The monthly payments depend on the amount of deposit and time your plan has been registered for.

Most private clinics will provide you with the option of interest-free credit.

Factors on Which the Cost for a Cataract Surgery Depend

Apart from the clinic’s location, the price does also depend on several other factors.

The location will influence ancillary costs associated with staff and facility fees. For example, the anaesthetic specialist and nursing staff are more costly in Central London than they might be elsewhere in the country.

The kind of eye surgery you need has a major role in pricing. For example, laser-assisted cataract surgery is more costly in comparison to conventional cataract surgery.

For laser-assisted cataract surgery, it is important to consider the kind of laser being used. The commonly used laser is the femtosecond laser which is more costly but delivers the most accurate results.

Another factor is intra-ocular lens implants preference with different kinds of lenses for different requirements. Some pricing will include premium lenses into their packages while others won’t include it.

The cost of your treatment will also depend on your chosen eye surgeon and their years of experience. The experience of the surgeon plays a major role in attaining a higher success rate.

Private cataract surgery can be costly and it is suggested that you discuss your upcoming surgery with your insurance company to know whether or not they will cover the total or partial cost for your cataract surgery. Different insurance companies may agree to pay for at least a part of the surgery and you can talk to your surgeon to learn about the exact cost.

Additional Costs With Cataract Surgery Aftercare

Cataract surgery aftercare consists of three post-operative aftercare along with post operative eye drops. In case you need to visit your eye surgeon outside your covered treatment plan, there might be extra charges which you will be informed ahead of time.

Is Cataract affecting your vision?

Exclusive cataract surgery offers in London.
From only £200 Per month

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Why Choose Optimal Vision for Cataract Surgery?

  • Consultants- The same consultant will see you throughout your journey - our consultants will monitor your closely starting with the initial consultation through to the surgery and for all post-operative follow-ups.
  • Personalised Treatment - As all patients are different, we offer an individual, personalised treatment plan which is customised based on you and your requirements and expectations.
  • Latest Advanced Technology– We use the most advanced and innovative technology and ensure we deliver the best possible results.
  • Diagnostic Eye Tests– We have a range of diagnostic eye tests that are done by our specially trained eye surgeons.
  • Specialist Eye Care– Your consultation, surgery and follow-up appointments are done at our eye care clinic.
  • Comprehensive Aftercare– You will benefit from our comprehensive aftercare programme customised especially for you. This includes follow-up visits with home medications, if needed.

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Our eye surgeons are commited to providing you with the best possible advice, customising your treatment for your needs, improving your eyesight to give you better vision with full confidence. Whatever vision problems you may face, the team at Optimal Vision is always there to help. Get in touch with us today.

Cataract Surgery Cost Comparison

Surgery costs from £1900 per eye.


Optimal Vision

High street laser providers

Hospital chains

Free Consultation

Consultant led

Led by marketing

Fee applies

Aftercare Team

Consultant led

Various with no consistency

Consultant led

Duration of Aftercare

20+ years - first year free

Few months free

Few months

Fixed, Transparent Pricing



Consultant Led


Medication and Eye Drops

12 Months

3 Months


Excellent Trust Pilot Rating



0% interest free credits

12 Months



Customised Wavefront Treatment

Cost Dependant


Meet Your Surgeon

From the beginning all the way through your journey

Day of surgery only with minimal interaction

Partially - dependent on hospital

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