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YAG LASER CAPSULOTOMY from only £600* per eye

*Price is based on two eyes being treated. Unilateral treatment is £700

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YAG Laser Capsulotomy 

YAG Laser Capsulotomy or Yttrium Aluminum Garnet is a laser surgery which tackles a very common side effect of lens surgery. Sometimes after having lens surgery, a patient may experience blurred or double vision after a while. This can occur because of a condition known as PCO (posterior capsule opacity). When PCO is present, a haze develops in the eye's natural membrane behind the artificial intraocular implant. If the haze is affecting your vision, you may need a one-time laser procedure which uses a yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) laser. This can happen soon after your procedure during the recovery period or even months later. There's no way of knowing who will develop PCO, however statistically there is some evidence that younger patients have a higher risk of PCO following cataract surgery.

YAG laser treatment is a quick and easy way of correcting haziness in the lens. It is a non-invasive surgery, and will restore the vision to the level it was after your initial lens exchange treatment. The procedure is simple and completed in just under a few minutes.

You can contact Optimal Vision in London to speak to an expert to learn more about the YAG laser treatment

What You Can Expect During A YAG Treatment

  • On the day of your YAG treatment, our surgeon will explain the treatment to you and will answer all of your questions concerning the benefits of the procedure, and any risks associated with it.
  • Before the procedure, anaesthetic drops will be applied to the eyes so that you won't feel anything during the treatment.
  • The YAG laser will be used to make a small opening in your lens. This opening will provide a clear path for your vision, and allow it to be restored to the level it was just after you had your replacement surgery
  • The YAG laser treatment takes no more than five minutes. But after the treatment, your surgeon will need to check your eyes after 20 minutes, to confirm that the pressure in your eyes is reduced and back to normal. You will be discharged after this examination.

What Are The Results Of The Treatment?

YAG laser treatment provides effective and immediate results. If you find you have any blurring of vision due to the eye drops prescribed by your surgeon, simply rest your eyes once you get home, and your vision will clear.

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Will You Need Aftercare Appointments?

We recommend our patients schedule a follow-up treatment with their optometrist. An aftercare appointment will enable us to check the progress on your vision, and confirm that there are no issues with your eyes or the lens. An annual eye exam should also be scheduled with your optometrist so that the health of your eyes is regularly checked.

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