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At the Optimal Vision Clinic, we carry out comprehensive screening eye assessment because we know how complex the human eye is.

The thorough eye assessment we perform is one of the most important parts of determining your eligibility for Laser Eye Surgery. The level of accuracy of the tests helps to determine your eye health. It will also help us determine the chances of complications.

Here at Optimal Vision Clinic, we have an amazing team of experienced laser eye surgeons. We also make use of advanced laser technology. We ensure you receive excellent eye care all the way from initial assessment to aftercare.

What to expect

  • Attention to detail.
  • Laser Eye Surgeons who are highly experienced and trusted.
  • Research-based practice and treatment.
  • Highly personalised treatment achieved through a high ratio of staff to patients.
  • Treatments for patients who have more complex prescriptions.


Our eyes are very important. Our surgical team are qualified and experienced in restoring better vision to our clients. Our surgeries have a very high success rate.

Personalised Laser Eye Surgery

All our treatments are tailored to suit our individual clients' eye needs. Our surgeons will calibrate treatment to suit your personal treatment plan that will have been determined at your initial assessment.

Laser Blended Vision: Goodbye to reading glasses

Laser Blended Vision is a revolutionary laser eye treatment that eliminates the need for reading glasses or contact lens.

During the Laser blended vision treatment, one eye is adjusted to see distant objects better and a little for near objects, and vice versa for the other eye.

High profile treatments for very high prescriptions

At Optimal Vision Clinic, we are well equipped to treat more complex prescriptions. We are able to fine-tune the laser for safe, effective treatment of eyes.

Time is Golden

We are keen to get the best results for all of our patients and treatment is affordable at Optimal Vision Clinic

You might be required to visit our clinic for appointments more than you would in other eye clinics. This is because we carefully take detailed measurements of each eye and use that to map out a personalised treatment programme. This enables us to achieve optimum results.

To find out how we can help you, contact us today to book for a no-obligation consultation.

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