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Lens Replacement Surgery Cost Lens Replacement Surgery Cost
Lens Replacement Surgery Cost

Lens Replacement Surgery Cost

The cost for lens replacement surgery and rle surgery depend on several factors such as the type of treatment, your prescription, and your visual requirement. Our professional team at Optimal Vision will take you through extensive screening and tests for your eye condition to recommend the best lens implant option.

Our types of lens replacement surgery options include the following:

Monofocal lens surgery

This option offers a good quality of vision and mainly focuses on distance. We have the option of toric monofocal lenses that not only correct distance vision but also correct your astigmatism; you may need reading glasses or contact lenses after this option.

Pricing starts from £1,795 per eye

Multifocal lens surgery

This surgery is performed for long and short vision correction and is an increasingly popular option.

Our lens replacement surgery price begins at £1995 per eye

Phakic IOL

This is an innovative alternative to laser eye surgery particularly for more complex prescriptions by enhancing natural lens power to improve your vision.

Prices begin at £1995 per eye


This treatment will improve your vision after secondary cataract

Pricing begins at £455 per eye

Medication and aftercare

Lens replacement surgery costs in London, UK includes your aftercare appointments in the first 12 months and all medications in the first 6 months after the initial surgery are done.

Call our eye surgeons with your query and we will be happy to help you with our multiple finance options!

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