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Alex (Corneal Scar Surgery)

He came in with no hope for his consultation. He had lost parts of his vision due to long standing work related scar.He is now extremely happy after the surgery which not only clear the scan but also correct his prescription. He said “Optimal Vision has saved my vision!

Clinton (Laser Eye Surgery)

Has been wearing glasses since birth. Look what he has achieved after 1 year post LASIK surgery, his life has changed! He has bought a car, drives at night! He admits he has been kicking himself for not getting it done sooner!

Jedd (Laser Eye Surgery)

Had always had discomfort with contact lenses and glasses especially during intense work out in gym as professional sportsman. He explains the simplicity of surgery and how laser eye surgery was his best decision!

Tim (Lens Replacement Surgery)

Tim has been to a few other providers and found them like a conveyor belt system with lack of personalised care however, he loved the care and friendliness of Optimal Vision team compared to those large corporate eye centres. He said he loved Dr Mani and found his care was personalised to his visual need, with direct communication and grateful for his journey to perfect vision!


A very grateful patient with good visual outcome, completely glass free and wishes she had the surgery years ago and exclaims she will recommend Optimal Vision to loads of people!which she has done!!

An NHS Nurse (Laser Eye Surgery)

During COVID-19 she struggled tremendously with foggy glasses while working with PPE and masks but happy to be completely glass free.

Carol (Lens Replacement Surgery)

She has been given a new lease of life post surgery. Dr Mani has made her feel so safe, calm and comfortable.

An amazed patient 5 days post LASIK (She feels amazing)

The service was brilliant from her consultation to aftercare. On her surgery day she was nervous like many others but the staff were friendly and her operation went smoothly and she didn’t feel a thing. The next day she had 20/20. Could see clearly and is now very happy!

An extremely happy LASIK 4 weeks post op patient

She loved the journey and was very happy with Dr Mani and Optimal Vision. She mentions how Optimal Vision are very different from other clinics due to our consultant led clinic policy and seeing Dr Mani for each and every step of her journey.

A very happy patient post LASIK explaining why he is happy with Dr Mani and Optimal Vision

A very impressed patient explaining why she chose Optimal Vision.

A very delighted patient

Explaining why she loves Optimal Vision post Lens Replacement Surgery. She was recommended to us by another patient. She is happy with her results and the convenience we provided.

Had LASIK with him yesterday after being rescheduled for reassessment. He made me feel like he personally cared for me and made me feel at ease even during surgery. Cannot thank him enough. A shame that’s the last time we’ll likely cross paths. He didn’t rush my consultations or just approve me for laser eye surgery. He made sure I was suitable completely before agreeing. So thankful
Angels come in different guises, my eye surgeon at Optimal Vision was one of them. My eyes are fantastic now. Many thanks. Lorna Bruckshaws.
I had NLR surgery at Optimal Vision three weeks ago. My eye surgeon was precise, professional and eminates such lovely disposition that I was immediately at ease and stayed that way throughout the procedure. I noticed that he extends the same interpersonal respect and attention to his medical team. He was pivotal in making the whole experience a pleasant one; so much so that I was actually looking forward to returning for my second eye (which is really quite remarkable)!
As for the surgical result - I have vision better than 20/20 with a multi-focal lense and feel like I have been given a new life I never imagined possible.
I cannot thank him enough nor more highly recommed him to others.
Dr Amir Mani - Specialist refractive surgeon

One of the most experienced refractive surgeons in London

Dr Mani has performed more than 20,000 ophthalmic procedures, including LASIK, LASEK, PRK, Femto Cataract, RLE, Lens ICL and Phakic IOL Surgery

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