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Emergency Eye Care Services

At Optimal Vision, we offer emergency eye care services in London to people who require urgent and immediate eye care. We have accessible locations and are open seven days a week.

Eye emergencies can range from minor issues like soap getting into your eye to lacerations and chemical exposures that may cause permanent vision loss.

Getting immediate treatment will reduce your risk of permanent or severe damage if you have an eye injury or any eye emergency. We understand that eye emergencies can occur anytime, so we are always available to attend to your eye care needs.

Avoid delaying your treatment if your eye issues need immediate care. Contact us immediately at 020 7183 3725.

Symptoms that need emergency care

The following are emergencies that need emergency care.

Symptoms that need emergency care
  • Eye infections, such as pink eye and other bacterial infections
  • Painful or red eyes
  • Allergy in your eyes
  • Contact lens related eye issues
  • Uncomfortable, irritated or itchy eyes
  • Dislodged contact lenses
  • Floaters in vision
  • Flashes of light in the vision
  • Sudden loss of vision or sudden blurry vision in one or both eyes
  • Scratched eyes
  • Eye trauma
  • Foreign materials stuck in the eyes
  • Broken, lost or dislodged eyeglasses or contact lenses

Things to avoid while waiting for professional eye care specialists

  • Remove your contact lenses if you have irritation or red eye
  • Do not press on the injured eye or rub the eye
  • Do not try to remove any embedded object by yourself 

Studies show that majority of emergency eye issues can be managed in eye clinics by professional eye specialists. These range from severe eye allergies to foreign bodies in the eye and eye infections, which are the most common reasons for people visiting an emergency room.

We understand why eye care is important when the above symptoms occur. Eye care emergencies need immediate evaluation, and our eye care professionals can carry out any necessary evaluation and treatment.

professional eye care specialists

Removing a foreign body

Removing a foreign body

A foreign body can be sawdust, dirt, eyelash or sand that got into the eyes. Pain or irritation is the main symptom of a foreign body in the eye. Depending on when and how the injury occurred, the foreign object may pierce the eye, causing serious injury or may come out of the eye without causing a long-term problem.

The foreign object may cause an inflammatory reaction, dilating the surrounding vessels and oedema of the conjunctiva, cornea and lids. If left in the eye, the foreign body may cause an infection.

If any object is stuck in the eye for several hours, stop all attempts to remove the object yourself. The eyes are delicate, and any attempt to remove anything with an object can further damage the eye. If the object isn’t bothering you, still visit an eye doctor to remove it, but if it is, get emergency care.

If a foreign object is in your eye, like a piece of grit, the eye doctor can try removing it. The doctor will administer anaesthetic eye drops into your eye to numb it and prevent pain. 

The foreign body may be stuck under your upper eyelid, especially if you have pain or scratches on the top half of your cornea or feel something is there. In this case, you need to see professional to gently turn your eyelid, exposing the inner surface to remove the foreign object.

When the anaesthetic eye drop wears off, your eye may feel uncomfortable until the abrasion heals for few hours.

If you suspect a foreign object has penetrated the outer layer of your eye, visit our eye clinic immediately. Trying to remove the object yourself may cause vision loss, damage to the retina and premature cataracts.

An eye specialist can also help with sore eyes, pink eyes and red eyes.

Eye emergencies can be serious, so you shouldn’t wait long to seek emergency eye care services. Visit Optimal Vision now or call us on 020 7183 3725 if you have an eye emergency.

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