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Refractive Lens Replacement Surgery Refractive Lens Replacement Surgery
Refractive Lens Replacement Surgery

Refractive Lens Replacement Surgery

Refractive lens surgery is an increasingly popular option for patients over 45 who need glasses for presbyopia as it can correct both near and distance vision in suitable candidates. It is also popular with patients who have early cataracts to help them see better and avoid frequent glasses updates or for even those who constantly lose their glasses. Many individuals with a more complex prescription that is not a candidate for conventional laser eye surgery, might be a candidate for this option

How does refractive lens replacement surgery work?

In this procedure, correction of your prescription is achieved by adjustment around the natural lens; either lens power will be enhanced by implantation of another lens (Phakic IOL) or by completely replacing it with new synthetic lens (RLE).

Our professional team at Optimal Vision will take you through extensive screening, tests and examination to evaluate you and offer you the best treatment options.

Refractive Lens Exchange

The natural lens is exchanged for a premium synthetic lens that not only replaces the natural lens but also corrects the prescription. Synthetic lenses have many options available and can be chosen according to your visual requirements. Increasingly popular options are the ones with correction of both near and distance vision.

This option is often preferred to laser eye surgery for patients over 50 years old or with the early formation of cataracts. RLE eliminates the need for future cataract formation or surgery because the lens has already been replaced.

Phakic IOL Surgery

This is a specially designed lens implanted into the eye and placed in front of the natural lens to enhance the lens power and correct vision. Its called phakic (that means lens) as the natural lens remains untouched. It can correct a large range of refractive errors and may be indicated for more complex prescriptions that are not suitable for conventional laser eye surgery. Two popular options used at Optimal Vision are:

1) ICL

An implantable Collamer lens for correction of a wide range of short-sighted (myopic) complaints


An implantable Phakic Contact Lens which can correct Myopia (shortsightedness), Hypermetropia (long-sightedness), Astigmatism and Presbyopia.

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