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Welcome to Optimal Vision - Eye Surgery in London

At Optimal Vision, we’ve literally revolutionised the entire approach to eye care and surgery. The wide range of solutions that our eye surgeons offer at our clinic in Harley Street, London includes: Laser eye surgery including LASIK and LASEK, Cataract, Refractive lens surgery and intra ocular Implants.

We offer cost effective Laser Eye Surgery that improve your vision

Optimal Vision has some of the world-renowned surgeons in its team to achieve outstanding success in laser eye surgery. Our clinical precision and technical expertise of our eye surgeons have redefined the success level in a wide range of vision correction treatments.

At Optimal Vision, our eye surgeons will improve your vision and make your life easier and more enjoyable by giving you freedom from contact lenses and glasses. The laser eye surgery will take a few seconds to minutes depending on the level of correction needed. However, you will find an improvement in your eye sight after the surgery is done.

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Laser eye surgery

Vast majority of our patients
achieve 20|20 vision following
Laser Eye Surgery**

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A fantastic experience from start to finish.

The team were great,
very professional and friendly.

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Our surgeons have carried out over 50,000 procedures and currently operate in locations worldwide.

Eye Surgery Equipments

Who is the suitable candidate for an eye surgery?

Our doctors will take you through an initial consultation to evaluate if you are a good candidate for an eye surgery and also your best treatment options and suitability to undergo the treatment. So, you can get the perfect treatment option for having the best possible results.

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He made me feel like he personally cared for me and made me feel at ease even during surgery. Cannot thank him enough.

Why choose us for eye surgery in London

  • Our surgeons have been performing eye surgery for our patients for over a decade.
  • We offer quality service in clinical care and optical solutions for all patients.
  • We give our clinicians complete access to advanced technologies for best eye care
  • Our doctors are committed to deliver the best outcome for our patients.
  • We provide clinical expertise, exceptional surgical result and complete aftercare.
Eye surgery

Are you looking to improve your eye sight for clearer vision?

You may contact our doctors and perform laser eye surgery at the clinic!

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