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Cyst on Eyelid Treatment - Surgery to Remove Cyst on Eyelid (Chalazion)

Different tissue layers like fat, muscle, skin, and glands which surround the eyelids can give rise to cysts or lesions. Certain eyelid cysts are not clearly noticeable such as chalazion - a cyst arising from blocked oil gland, xanthelasma, sebaceous cyst or wart - from the deposit of cholesterol, and sweat gland cyst. 

When you notice a lump on your eyelid, do well to see a doctor for examination since it could be a form of skin cancer sometimes.

Cysts on the eyelids can make the eyelids look saggy. It can also cause watery and reddish eyes, make you uncomfortable, and create an unsightly cosmetic look. Overall, eyelid cysts do not equal healthy or youthful eyes.

If you have painful and uncomfortable cysts on the eyelids then you can perform eyelid cyst removal surgery from our clinic. At Optimal Vision, we have highly experienced surgeons who will operate to remove the cyst safely and successfully ensuring a comfortable and smooth eyelid. To know more, schedule your consultation today.

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Definition Of Eyelid Cyst Removal Surgery

Lumps on the eyelids that don't disappear on their own or can lead to cancer need to be taken care of as soon as possible. This is where eyelid cyst removal surgery comes in; it's a treatment method that eliminates potentially dangerous lumps on the eyelid.

Cancerous And Non-Cancerous Eyelid Lumps

Here, we would be looking at lumps that may or may not be cancerous.

Mild eyelid lump (non-cancerous)

There are common eyelid cysts that usually disappear on their own after a few weeks or months, for instance, a chalazion. A chalazion can easily settle when you apply a warm compress over it more than once a day, however there are times when a hard lump develops on the eyelid from the chalazion which may cause discomfort and look and feel unpleasant.

Should this be the case, it is easy to take out the cyst by making an unobtrusive incision on the inner part of the eyelid.

Alternatively, the chalazion can be fixed with specific doses of steroid injections. This works in some cases.

There are some rare times that the chalazion could be infected; this is a condition known as cellulitis. When this occurs treatment with antibiotics is needed. Should there also be any pre-existing skin condition, including blepharitis, treatment should be sought.

A minor eyelid surgery can also be used to remove many benign cysts present on the skin.

Malignant lumps on the eyelid (able to cause cancer)

Often you will need to undergo a biopsy to find out what the cyst is and to arrange further treatment.

Should your doctor diagnose cancerous cells, then it needs to be treated by taking out the affected part entirely. A surgical reconstruction will take place after this to make the area look cosmetically appealing.

Why Choose Optimal Vision For Your Treatment?

  • We have a successful career in eye care that has met and exceeded the expectations of all of our patients. This has earned us a 5 star TrustPilot rating.
  • Nobody feels happy when they are faced with surprise charges and hidden costs that they never knew existed. We don't encourage this either and to show how much we care for our patients; we provide a transparent and fixed price system without any hidden charges. This means you know precisely what you are paying for and how much.
  • To help our patients get the best treatment at their convenience, we offer a 0% interest*** on credit payment. This can be paid over a 12-month period.
  • We offer a 15 year aftercare for our eyelid cyst surgery patients at our practice. Our surgeon will schedule follow-up appointments to check how much progress your eyes are making and to improve its condition if required. However, there are terms and conditions for this service which you can find out when you schedule an appointment with us.
  • Optimal Vision is located on the prestigious Harley Street London, where you can easily walk-in or book an appointment for eye care services.
  • We are led by a team of experienced and world-famous consultants who give the best treatment for improved vision.
  • Our surgeons do not work at any other centres except ours. This means you can have easy access to them at any time, including during an emergency, if required.

Why Is Our Eyelid Cyst Surgery Most Sought After?

So many eye clinics offer great treatments, but ours is unique because:

We offer customised eye care

Our patients' needs come first! We have your best interest at heart and as such, provide specific quality treatment according to your condition. This means you will get the right solution for your visual problem after an in-depth diagnostic test and examination. We will leave no stone unturned in our quest for delivering bespoke eye solutions.

We have professional eye doctors at our practice

Our carefully selected surgeons are the finest in the country and famous in the world for their incredible skill and expertise. We have recorded thousands of successfully completed surgeries and still counting. Plus, our treatment is safe and precise, which is why the patients we've treated recommend us to their family and friends. At Optimal Vision, we have maintained an unparalleled level of excellence in eye care, and it has not been compromised.

We've invested in highly advanced technology

Treating eye problems is not an easy task; expertise and experience are required for significant results. This is why we have spent much on getting all the important and high-end modern technology in the industry. We are not tied to any specific manufacturer, company or brand - we simply hand pick the best eyecare products from the one we feel is the best one of them to satisfy our patients' visual needs.

We are trustworthy and reliable

Eye care requires that patients are comfortable with services offered them and can depend on their team of caregivers. This is precisely what we provide! Our methods are clear, and we work closely with patients giving useful advice and ensuring their needs are met with tried-and-tested treatment options. In our practice, we have amicable and smart staff ready to provide you with all the support you need throughout your treatment.

What Does The Eyelid Surgery To Remove Cysts Involve?

  • Initial consultation. You will have to sit and speak with your surgeon first. They will discuss your treatment options, including surgery with you and take time to explain all that it's involved in the surgery: risks, results, benefits, pre and post surgical care. Along with your medical history, pictures of your eye condition will be taken. Kindly remember to mention any medications you've been taking to your consultant. Tell them if you have any allergies or allergic reactions (especially to latex, preservatives or medications), and if you've undergone any surgeries before now, and your smoking habits (if any).

Your face and eyelids will be thoroughly examined.  They will be checked to confirm if you have eyelid laxity (the degree to which your eyelids are loose), dry eyes, and/or blepharitis, and any issues that might impact the surgical procedure. Fixing any pre-existing condition first and performing scans before surgery is necessary to give optimum results.

  • Anaesthetic. To remove eyelid lesions via surgery, patients can be given either local anaesthesia, be slightly sedated, or be given general anaesthesia. All of these options will be discussed with you and the best option will be selected by yourself and your surgeon and will administered before starting your surgery. However, any anaesthetic type that will be used will numb the area to be operated on so you feel comfortable and without pain.

If you are sedated, you will feel relaxed and at ease, but you will be conscious enough to carry out instructions, if required. 

In contrast, general anaesthesia will knock you out completely - total unconsciousness.

Should there be need to reconstruct your eyelid, the surgeon will either use a general anaesthetic or sedate you as the procedure takes more time.

  • Pre-eyelid cyst surgery. Your surgeon will tell you if and when to stop eating and drinking before the operation if it is required. For surgery with general anaesthetic or sedation, it is typically 6 hours before surgery time, but you can drink water upto 2 hours before surgery. You shouldn't apply any cream or makeup to your face on the day of the surgery.

For people who smoke, they will be asked to refrain from smoking six weeks before and then two weeks after the surgery. This is because smoking prolongs the healing time and brings about increased chances of complications. Should you be taking any non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin or voltarol, your surgeon will tell you when to stop or lower the dose you are taking.

If you are on any medications to treat a heart or lung disease, your surgeon will speak with your cardiologist to agree on which medication you should or should not be taking anymore.

  • Post eyelid cyst removal. Your surgeon will dress the area where the surgery was carried out. This dressing can be removed the next day. You may experience fuzzy vision post-surgery; this is common because a thick antibiotic ointment will be administered to your eyes to keep it from being infected and to prevent dryness in the front surface of the eye. This fuzziness will clear off eventually. After surgery, you will get eye drops and ointment to apply to your eyes and eyelids with instructions on how to care for the area.
  • Recuperation. After an eye operation, it is normal to experience bruising and swelling. It will disappear after a week or two. some patients may take more time to recover from this. Everyone is different in their recovery journey. Ice packs are recommended for the first ten days post-surgery. You can place frozen peas (veg) in a small plastic bag and wrap them up with a thin cloth; it works well as an ice pack. Carefully use it on the scarred surgical area about six times daily. Please do not rub or apply any additional pressure on the area.

Many non-malignant skin cysts surgeries are not complex. Should you need your eyelid to be reconstructed, your recovery may take more time. During the first seven days post reconstructive eyelid operation, the swelling will ease up when you sleep in a semi-upright position using a lot of pillows to support your head. Eye shields will be given to you to keep the wounds in your eyes covered and protected at night during sleep.

  • Aside from walking, every other form of strenuous exercise should not be engaged in for 2 weeks post-surgery. Do not swim for a minimum of 6 weeks after surgery. For women, they can use make up on their face 3-4 weeks after the surgical procedure. You may have itchy eyes as the wounds are healing. Please do not rub your eyes or eyelids after surgery. Avoid wearing contact lenses for the first 2 weeks post-surgery.
  • Getting back to social activities and work. The timing for recovery is different for everyone, so it is advised you take some rest a few days after the operation. It's fine to work from home using a computer but make extensive use of the eye drops given to you to keep your eyes lubricated. A lot of patients who have had non-cancerous eyelid surgery can get back to work a day or two after the operation. But 2 weeks away from work should be observed if you've had eyelid reconstruction.
  • Consultation after surgery. Should you have undergone sutures in the course of the surgery, they can be removed provided that the wounds are healing correctly. Here, we like to take pictures at your first follow-up visit after the surgery and another one after 3 months.
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What Is The Cost Of Eyelid Cyst Surgery?

Cost to remove eyelid lesions: £480 per stye/chalazion however multiple has packages, we do bundle offers at £350 each

Finance Option And 0% Credit***

At Optimal Vision, we offer a 0%interest finance*** option which allows you to spread the cost of a surgery over a 12 month period.

However, an initial 10% deposit is to be paid, and the remaining fee spread over either 6, 10 or 12 months depending on which is convenient for you at a 0%interest rate***.

Contact us to learn more about our convenient system of payment and how it can help you.

Should you like to know more about the various surgery options for eyelid cyst removal, please feel free to call and book an appointment.

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