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Laser Eye Surgery: Is The Procedure Worth It?

Laser Eye Surgery: Is The Procedure Worth It?

18 Jan 2021

Dealing with glasses or contact lenses have daily challenges with its inconvenience, like losing your glasses , heavy feeling over your nose missing them or even related dry eye or infection  chances with regular contact lens not to forget they also harmful to environment with their environmental unfriendly material.

The surgery is a simple and straightforward. Its success rate is high, and most people have undergone this surgery once to correct their vision issues. It is suitable for eye conditions like astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia. 

Is laser eye surgery suitable for you?

You may want to correct your vision problem but uncertain about your suitability for the procedure. Although the benefits of laser eye surgery are numerous, it is still a big deal for many people, and this is understandable because people are careful about any eye treatment. It is normal also to consider the cost, the procedure, recovery, and aftercare process. To get answers to your numerous questions and know if you are suitable for the treatment, you may need to visit the eye clinic and speak to the surgeon.

What is the procedure?

The treatment lasts for a few minutes, and it is a simple procedure. The surgeon will administer a numbing drop, gently open the eyelids, then create a flap and reshaping the cornea with a the help of laser. No blad is used, This helps to correctly focus the light in the retina and give a sharp vision. 

How much does laser eye surgery cost?

Since the introduction of laser eye surgery, a lot of changes have been made due to technological advancements. The price of laser eye surgery varies, depending on the type you undergo and prescription. However, it may cost about 1500 for an eye. Most clinics offer flexible payment plans which let the patient spread the payment over a couple of months. 

Although laser eye surgery cost more than glasses and contacts, you would not need to incur ongoing cost peculiar to glasses and contacts. In the long run, you would save more by undergoing laser eye surgery. 

How long does it take to recover?

It recovers very quickly for healthy individuals within less than 48 hours .The day after the surgery, you would have a follow-up appointment to enable the surgeon to check your treatment progress and majority see 20/20 by then. You would also have ongoing appointments within the first year of your treatment. 

You can return to work after about 48 hours for LASIK eye surgery, but LASEK patients may need to wait for about seven days to resume work.

What is the result of laser eye surgery?

Success rate of these treatments are high for suitable candidates with high effectiveness recent data suggest about 99% patients who undergo LASIK surgery experience 20/20 vision after their treatment.

If you use glasses or contacts but want to get rid of them, you can opt for a more permanent fix for the vision problem. Book a free consultation at Optimal Vision for the most advanced laser eye surgery. You can contact us now on 020 7183 3725 to schedule your consultation with an experienced surgeon. 

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