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6 Interesting Facts about Lens Replacement Surgery

6 Interesting Facts about Lens Replacement Surgery

10 Feb 2020

Lens replacement surgery is a ground-breaking technology. The treatment not only corrects a large range of visual errors but also corrects the problem of cataract.procedure is similar to a cataract surgery but mainly aims at correcting your prescription. According to a comprehensive study, cataract procedure is one of the safest and popular surgical procedures in the world of medicine. It benefits over 3 million people across Europe every year providing them with life-changing experiences with transformed and improved vision. This option is becoming increasingly popular for patients with issues of reading after the age of 45 years old in fact, many developing countries show similar numbers of lens replacement surgeries to laser eye
surgeries in the last few years.

The surgery benefits people who are wearing lenses or glasses for a long time with a strong prescription. It is very often like a new start for people who get correction of their high prescriptions after many years of challenge with contact lenses of thick glasses or individuals who have different reading and distance glasses for their daily activity and keep losing one pair or another.

Technology involving eye surgery is rapidly improving. less-invasive procedures involving complex methods like refractive lens exchange and lens replacement surgery are showing high rates of success. The treatment procedures are taking a much shorter time. Considering all these facts, it can be safely said that ophthalmic eye treatment has entered into a brand new age over the last few years.

In the following paragraphs, let us explore some interesting facts about modern lens replacement procedures.

Fact 1: Lens replacement surgery is not only meant for removing cataracts

Lens replacement surgery is the best way of removing a cataract. But, it can also prove beneficial even if you do not have cataracts. It is ideal for people who have early cataract or have high chances of developing cataracts in the future. The clinical procedure also helps those patients suffering from different vision problems who cannot undergo laser eye surgery. Eye treatment with lens replacement corrects a large range of vision-related issues including the


  • Cataracts
  • Astigmatism
  • Long-sightedness
  • Short-sightedness
  • Presbyopia

Fact 2: Delivers assured results

The ground-breaking treatment has a high success rate as well as satisfaction rate, providing you are treated by a skilled and experienced eye surgeon and considered suitable.

Fact 3: The surgical procedure is safe and predictable

The procedure is considered safe with high satisfaction and low chances of serious side-effects. Just like any other surgical method, lens replacement also has chances of complication but such situations occur very rare and seldom.

Fact 4: The surgery also suits people over 45

Most of the vision-correction surgeries like laser eye surgery are usually denied to people above 50. Lens replacement surgery – on the other hand –is usually a superior option for people above 50 years of age. Moreover, it prevents you from undergoing cataract surgery.

Fact 5: Painless treatment

Lens replacement surgeries are performed under administering local anaesthesia. Thus, the overall procedure is free from pain and any other inconvenience. There will be slight itching and gritty discomfort in the first couple of hours following the surgery which is well tolerated.

Fact 6: Fast recovery 

Unlike conventional alternatives, this clinical procedure offers fast recovery. Usually, people return to their normal lifestyle within 3 to 5 days after the lens replacement surgery, says an ophthalmic surgeon associated with Optimal Vision.

We have a significantly high success and satisfaction rate in handling these cases. Feel free to contact us and book your appointment at Optimal Vision now.

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Lens replacement surgery is a ground-breaking technology. The treatment not only corrects a l

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