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Correction Of Reading Vision Problems With Laser Eye Surgery

Correction Of Reading Vision Problems With Laser Eye Surgery

07 Dec 2020

The natural ageing process affects several areas of our lives. It may affect your near vision, making it difficult for you to focus on words while reading. It could also make you have frequent headaches after you try to read for a long time. As you age, you lose accomodation your eyes' muscular power reduces, making it harder to focus on close objects. The condition is popularly known as presbyopia.

Presbyopia is an eye condition due to lack of accomodation which happens by age . This refractive error usually leads to the inability to focus on close objects for above 45 or even earlier for longsight individuals. It makes the eye's lens less flexible and requires most people to use reading glasses.

Presbyopia affects people with generally good vision, but it can also affect those with existing eye condition like hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. If you have pass age for presbyopia, you need not worry because different treatments are available for its correction.

Symptoms of presbyopia

Presbyopia has different symptoms, but some are quite common. These common symptoms include:

  • Difficulty in focusing on close-range objects
  • Eye pain or headache when reading or performing a close-up job
  • Relying on increased or brighter lighting
  • Tiredness when focusing for reading for a long time
  • Holding mobile phones or books at arm's length to see clearly

Most times, the presbyopia begins to occur from the age of 40 and progresses with age. At 55 years, most people have completly rigid lens, which leads to the inability to focus on close-up objects.

How to improve reading vision

A common option to improve reading vision is wearing reading glasses which helps the lens to focus close objects. However, most people consider using glasses stressful, and others have to wear glasses with a chain around their neck or hold the glasses in cases to access the glasses easily. Most people find it disturbing to have to put their glasses on and remove them continuously.

Technological advancements have made other treatment options available like laser eye surgery to correct reading glasses. This eye surgery's success rate is high, and the surgeon uses a precision laser to adjust the cornea to correct and vision issues. Different laser eye surgery types are available, and they include laser presbyomax, laser blended vision,Inlays and monovision. The most suitable eye surgery for you will depend on your condition and individual need.

Laser replacement surgery is another treatment option for reading vision impairment, and it also helps to treat and prevent cataracts. This option is preffered for majority fo patients above 47 years old due to permanet effect.

Using reading glasses should no longer be a problem for you because these alternative treatments can permanently fix vision issues. If you are having difficulty focusing on close-up objects, ensure you, book a free consultation at Optimal Vision to discuss your options.

You can call us on 020 7183 3725 to book for the consultation with an experienced and qualified ophthalmologist. Our ophthalmologist will examine your eyes, ask a few questions about your health, and assess your condition before recommending a suitable treatment. Our ophthalmologist and surgeon will work together to give you an outstanding treatment.

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