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8 Reasons to Choose Optimal Vision for Your Laser Eye Surgery

8 Reasons to Choose Optimal Vision for Your Laser Eye Surgery

04 Mar 2020

There are more options than you can count for your laser surgery in London. But when laser eye surgery is concerned it is important to think carefully about your specific needs while choosing the right eye surgeon to carry out your treatment.

Optimal Vision is one of the leading and most trusted providers of laser eye surgery in London as well as all over the UK. Here are a few good reasons why you should choose us for your vision correction surgery.

  • Infrastructure and facilities

Our state-of-the-art eye hospital has modern infrastructure to facilitate your treatment. To ensure the maximum comfort of our patients, we invest in cutting-edge medical technology. Thus we have impressive success rates with our treatments and our patients are assured to be at maximum ease both during the surgery and the aftercare phase.

  • Easy accessibility

At Optimal Vision, we have some of the most skilled and experienced ophthalmic surgeons of the UK in our team. You can reach us easily at our Harley Street clinic from anywhere in London and the nearby areas. As a thoroughly patient-centric practice, we allow patients to book appointments through a phone call as well as online through our website.

  • Wide range of laser eye surgeries

Our technically sound and qualified doctors are capable of providing a wide range of vision correction treatments. Some of our treatments include the following:

  • Cataract removal
  • Lens replacement surgery

Our specialist doctors first assess a patient’s condition and then suggest the best treatment based on their findings. We make use of the latest laser eye surgery procedure and equipment to ensure quality treatment.

  • Qualified and technically sound experts

The success rate of lens replacement surgery at Optimal Vision is significantly high and there’s no magic involved. We have some of the most technically sound and highly trained ophthalmic doctors in our team. All of the surgeons associated with us are NHS trained and Fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists or similar organisations. They possess wide experience in their fields.

  • Vast Experience

We have treated tens and hundreds of patients by now since we opened the doors of our clinic for the first time. Each of our ophthalmic surgeons has years of hands-on experience in handling patients. When you come to Optimal Vision for your eye treatment, you can bet you could not be in safer hands across the UK.

  • Zero waiting time

We provide treatments that you cannot get on the NHS. We also maintain zero waiting time for our patients so that the necessary treatment can start immediately without any unnecessary delay. Patients just need to arrive within their scheduled appointment time and they are shown straight in without any wait time. At Optimal Vision, we understand better how precious your time is.

  • Aftercare

We provide every patient with unparalleled care during the entire treatment procedure, which does not stop at your surgery. You need to be attending follow-up appointments with your particular doctor to assess your recovery.

  • Value and transparency

We provide patients with an upfront quotation on every occasion and that is the final amount you pay for your treatment at Optimal Vision. There are no hidden charges or any extra costs that will inflate the figures in your bill. As a patient-centric clinic, we quote the most reasonable prices for laser eye surgeries and also offer hefty instalments on the treatments we offer.

You do not need to take our word for it. We request you to go through our patient reviews before reaching your conclusion. If you are still not convinced about why you should get your eye surgeries done at Optimal Vision, just come and visit our clinic at Harley Street at any time. We are always eager to court our guests and answer all their queries with care.