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Implantable Contact Lens Surgery Implantable Contact Lens Surgery
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Implantable Contact Lens Surgery

Also known as implantable collamer, this optical treatment is ideal for patients who cannot get LASIK due to either a thin cornea, high-level prescription or a combination of both. Please book an appointment with us at Optimal Vision to know which treatment is right for your condition. 

The Definition Of Implantable Contact Lens Surgery

This is an eye treatment that works by inserting an artificial lens produced from a wafer-thin bio-compatible material in front of your natural lens. Extra focusing power from the lens helps the eye to see more clearly. Another name for this procedure is the Visian ICL phakic lens implant.

One benefit of the ICL treatment is that the process is reversible, unlike other eye surgery types. What does this mean? Your surgeon can remove the lens implant and replace it should there be changes in your vision. Alternatively, you can go for laser refinement if necessary. So, this permits the implantation of multifocal ICL lenses as people grow older and experience the inability to read text clearly after the age of 40.

What's The Work Of The ICL?

When light penetrates through your lens and cornea, it focuses on the retina, and the optic nerve transmits the information to your brain, which then interprets what you're seeing.

The point of focus developed by the lens and cornea allows you to have a clear sight. But when the eyes are too short or long in comparison to that created by the lens and cornea, it is described as poor eyesight. Short-sight happens when you have long eyeballs, which projects images in front of the retina. Long-sight occurs when the eyeballs are short and make images appear at the back of the retina.

Those that have very good eyesight possess a natural lens that alters its shape to enable them to see objects that are close and far away. But where your long- or short-sightedness is very serious, the lens though flexible, may not be able to fix your sight. The good news is that extra focusing power can be provided by the ICL to aid your vision without the need for glasses. This eye treatment is truly amazing!

ICL Surgery At A Starting Price Of £6,700 For The Two Eyes

Your vision is vital for everyday living and is not to be taken for granted, especially if you are experiencing any form of poor eyesight. This is why we offer only tailor-made treatment without compromise to help you achieve the best sight.

Since we have our patients' best interest at heart, we have a transparent price system without hidden charges. Our credit payment plan carries zero interest, and it can be paid over six, ten, or twelve months. So, you can have this innovative optical care using our flexible payment system. 

For a complete breakdown of the prices for our treatment and finance options, kindly schedule an appointment with us at Optimal Vision. Our doctors will attend to you and answer all your questions.

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Who Can Get Implantable Contact Lens Surgery?

At our clinic, our surgeon offers laser eye surgery to fix a lot of prescriptions. But since LASIK has to do with changing the shape of the cornea with a laser, persons having thin cornea cannot get this treatment.

At the same time, should you have a high-level prescription, you may not be eligible for laser eye surgery since a more significant part of the cornea will require treatment for better eyesight. 

Note: High prescription describes lenses that are very thick and glasses that are heavy. Contact lenses are usually not often an option either.

However, with ICL surgery, patients having a high-level prescription can get treated. Again, a person with dry eyes can find a realistic fix in ICL surgery.

As professionals in the field, we have surgeons who will do an extensive examination of your eyes and recommend the appropriate solution for your case. Always get eyecare from experts who are highly experienced and trained, so you don't end up with a more severe issue than you had before. Think through any eye treatment you are interested in and research the best treatment provider you can contact for help.

What To Expect During Implantable Contact Lens Surgery

Patients ready for ICL are usually given a local anaesthetic to make the eyes numb throughout the procedure, which lasts around 10 to 20 minutes. You may also be sedated for added relaxation on the day of the operation.

A little incision will be made on the cornea by your surgeon. The ICL which is initially folded will be inserted in your eye where it will gently unfold by itself. Your surgeon will then proceed to place it in the right position between your iris and natural lens.

Since it's introduction in the 1900s, the lens has seen constant improvement in design which makes the surgical procedure a lot safer. It might interest you to know that over a million ICL have been implanted without hitch all over the world.

Post ICL Surgery Recovery

Since the body system differs from person to person, many patients usually feel a little discomfort after the surgery. They may be able to resume work after a couple of days. However, the procedure is safe and pain-free and should not be a cause for concern.

After the surgical work, your sight will improve significantly than before when you still had glasses. All those things you could not do due to the high-level prescription can now be done without stress.

Why Is Our Implantable Contact Lens Surgery The Most Sought After?

So many eye clinics offer great treatments, but ours is unique because:

We offer customised eye care

Our patients' needs come first! We have your best interest at heart and as such, provide specific quality treatment according to your individual condition. This means you will get the right solution for your visual problem after an in-depth diagnostic test and examination. We leave no stones unturned in our quest for delivering bespoke eye solutions.

We have professional eye doctors at our practice

Our carefully selected surgeons are the finest in the country and are famous in the world for their incredible skill and expertise. We have recorded thousands of successfully completed surgeries and still counting. Plus, our treatment is safe and precise, which is why the people we have treated recommend us to their family and friends. At Optimal Vision, we have maintained an unparalleled level of excellence in eye care, and it has not been compromised.

We've invested in highly advanced technology

Treating eye problems is not an easy task; expertise and experience are required for significant results. This is why we have spent much on getting all the essential and high-end modern technology in the industry. Lens manufacturing companies that produce the best are our partners though we are not bound to any of them -- we simply pick the best lens products from any one of them to satisfy our patients' visual needs.

We are trustworthy and reliable

Eye care requires that patients are comfortable with services offered to them and can depend on their team of caregivers. This is precisely what we provide! Our methods are straightforward, and we work closely with patients giving useful advice and ensuring their needs are met with tried-and-tested treatment options. In our practice, we have pleasant and smart staff ready to provide you with all the support you need throughout your treatment.

What Is The Cost Of Implantable Contact Lens Surgery?

ICL Surgery (without anaesthetist) - £6700 for both eyes

The above is inclusive of all follow-up appointments too.

We Offer Finance Options And Credit Payment Without Interest

Our finance options come with a 0% interest rate. This helps the payment for surgery to be spread over 12 months.

However, an initial 10% deposit is to be paid, and the remaining fee spread over either 6, 10 or 12 months depending on which is convenient for you at a 0% interest rate.

See us in order to know how we can be of help to you and how our convenient payment system can be of benefit.

Should you have any questions about ICL, feel free to ask us during your appointment. Our surgeons will be happy to provide answers.

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