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Behçet’s disease

Behçet’s disease is a blood vessel-damaging disorder. This rare condition can cause problems in several body parts, including your eyes. It is a long-term (chronic) condition, and symptoms may not be present sometimes, a period called remission.

What are the symptoms of Behçet’s disease?

Three in four people who have Behçet’s disease experience symptoms that affect the eye. These symptoms may include redness and pain in the eye or blurry vision.

Many people with the disorder also have sores on their genitals, mouth or skin. Other serious issues with Behçet’s disease include:

Can I have Behçet’s disease?

Anyone can have Behçet’s disease, but some are more likely to have it. Your risk of having Behçet’s disease is higher if you are:

What can cause Behçet’s disease?

Most symptoms of Behçet’s disease occur due to inflammation in the blood vessels. The inflammation often occurs when the immune system is fighting an infection. This disorder makes the immune system attack the blood vessels instead of the infection, causing problems such as pain and swelling in many body parts.

Experts are still not certain why this happens, but people with Behçet’s disease may have a gene (HLA-B51) that triggers a problem in the immune system. Viruses, bacteria and other foreign substances may also trigger this reaction. Behçet’s disease isn’t transmittable.

How can my doctor diagnose Behçet’s disease?

No specific test can diagnose Behçet’s disease, and the diagnosis is usually based on symptoms. It may be difficult for doctors to diagnose Behçet’s disease because the symptoms may not happen together. Other conditions can also cause similar symptoms.

Ensure you inform your doctors, including your eye doctor, if you experience Behçet’s disease symptoms. Recording your symptoms may also help your doctor arrive at the right diagnosis. Ensure you write the symptoms and when they occur, and give your doctor this information.

What treatment is available for Behçet’s disease?

No permanent cure for Behçet’s disease is available, but some treatments can help stop serious problems and reduce pain. These include:

If you experience symptoms associated with Behçet’s disease, such as eye pain and blurry vision, visit Optimal Vision to have our eye doctor examine your eyes. A general eye exam with our ophthalmologist can aid your diagnosis. Call us today on 020 7183 3725 to book an appointment for an eye examination.

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