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Coloboma is a condition that occurs from birth, affecting one or both eyes. This eye condition occurs when part of the tissues in the eye is missing.

If you have a child with coloboma, consult your doctor about the best care plan, as some treatments are available to help make the most of vision.

Types of coloboma

There are different types of coloboma affecting different parts of the eye. They include:

Symptoms of coloboma

Coloboma may not cause any symptoms, but some people experience problems with their vision, such as:

Some colobomas are visible, like the iris coloboma, that make the pupil look like a teardrop or keyhole.

Causes of coloboma

Coloboma occurs when a baby's eye develops abnormally during pregnancy due to changes or abnormal genes that interfere with eye development. Coloboma may run in families. Factors such as drinking during pregnancy may also increase the risk of coloboma.

Coloboma usually occurs with conditions affecting different body parts, like Wolf-Hirschhorn and CHARGE syndrome.

Diagnosis of coloboma?

Sometimes, coloboma is visible when a baby is born, so the doctor may diagnose the condition by examining the baby's eyes. If the coloboma is not visible, the doctor by carry out a comprehensive dilated eye examination.

Treatment for coloboma

No treatment is available to replace part of the missing eye tissue resulting from coloboma, but treatments can help people with the condition make the most of their vision. They include:

People with coloboma resulting in refractive errors may require contact lenses or eyeglasses for better vision. People with iris colobomas can make their pupils look rounder by wearing coloured contact lenses.

Iris colobomas may need surgery to make the pupils look rounder. Your doctor can inform you about available options if you are concerned about your eye's appearance.

If coloboma results in vision loss that contacts or glasses cannot correct, you can use special devices for better vision. A low-vision specialist can help determine the most suitable devices for you and teach you how to use them.

Children with coloboma in only one eye may need an eye patch or special eye drops to prevent lazy eye or amblyopia.

Adults and children may require treatments for other eye conditions related to coloboma, such as:

An eye examination with our eye doctor at Optimal Vision can help diagnose coloboma. You can visit our clinic today or call us on 020 7183 3725 to schedule an appointment for your child's eye exam.

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