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Iris Implant Iris Implant

Iris Implant

The eyes, compared to most body parts very fragile and sensitive. It doesn’t take much for them to become damaged or affected. Sensitive parts of the eyes like the iris, the pupil and other parts can develop problems or abnormalities due to trauma or even accidents. There are treatment options available to correct some issues surrounding the eye, and one of such is the iris implant.

What Is An Iris Implant? 

In simple terms, this implant is a medical device, that is specially used to correct or repair the defects of the pupil or iris. The most common type of Iris Implant is the HumanOptics Artificial Iris.

The HumanOptics Artificial Iris is unique and is bespoke in both detail and colour. This means it is uniquely matched for every patient. This artificial iris is entirely safe, as it is produced from medical grade silicone and is bio-inert within the eye. When they are to be implanted, the implant is introduced into the eye through a tiny incision. It can be inserted on its own, during lens fixation surgery or cataract surgery.

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Who Can Get An Iris Implant

An Iris Implant is for people who have developed pupil and iris problems. In a normal healthy eye, the rate at which light enters the eye is controlled by the pupil through dilation and fixation. When the pupil is damaged or has developed problems, the patient experiences glare or haloes when they see bright, artificial light or sunlight. These are the people that are eligible for the Iris Implant.

Another set of people who are eligible for an Iris Implant are those who have iris and pupil problems, caused as a result of developmental abnormalities. Such abnormalities include Iris Coloboma or Aniridia. Finally, patients with an abnormal pupil who are concerned about the look can have an iris implant.

Iris Implantation Process

Iris implantation takes several procedures before it is completed. The steps and processes include:


A meeting is arranged where we explain the entire process to you. We will also endeavour to explain the pros and cons involved in this process and what is to be expected. We leave nothing out as we help you decide whether this process is for you.

Treatment Plan

This is where a photograph of your eye is taken and sent to the manufacturing team. The manufacturers use the photograph to create a custom-made artificial iris that matches your eyes. Manufacturing of the artificial iris can take from 6 to 8 weeks.

Surgery Preparation

As in its title, this is a process that prepares you for the surgery itself. Here our specialist, nurses and consultants will put you through the whole process. You are at liberty to ask any questions you may have concerning the surgery, and they will be answered.


The artificial iris implant is introduced to the eye through a tiny incision. Introducing the artificial iris into the eye can either be done alone or during lens fixation surgery or cataract surgery.

Recovery Process

After surgery, it is normal for your eyes to feel uncomfortable for a while. You are meant to care for your eyes using antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops that will be administered to you  post surgery for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Follow Up Consultation

After surgery, we conduct follow up consultations to check on the process of healing and support you in any way we can. The surgeon will also check up on you at intervals after the surgery.


Checkups after iris implant should be done yearly. This will help in ensuring your eyes are healthy. The checkup will cover different tests, including corneal cell count.

Treatment Costs

The cost of an iris implant includes consultation fees, follow up consultations and appointments. The charge for getting iris implanted in both eyes is about £8,000. If you wish, you can have your payment extended over 12 months interest free. For more information on our discount rates and period of payments, you can get in touch with us anytime.

Treatment Options

There are various treatment options available for people of different age brackets. Reach out to us, and we will help you find the one suitable for you.

Iris Implant is a healthy and safe treatment option for people who have problems with their iris and pupil. Contact us today at Optimal Vision. Our specialists and consultants will be ready to help you in any way. 

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